Our purpose is to provide mutual support and education to the parents of children with cardiovascular disease.

One out of every 100 children born in the United States has a heart defect

• 36,000 babies are born each year with one or more heart defects
• It's the most frequently occurring defect & the leading cause of birth defect related deaths
• Some defects are genetic but most are unknown

signs to look for Signs and Symtoms of Heart Defects:
• pale, bluish, or dusky skin color
• poor weight gain
• tires easily during feeding
• sleeps more than average
• fast or labored breathing when at rest
• puffy face, hands, and/or feet
• often irritable and very difficult to console

February 9, 2013

Parents for Heart Annual Fundraiser
Saturday February 9th, 2013 • 5:30-8:30pm
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315 First Avenue North
Minneapolis, MN

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The American Heart Assocation walk took place at the new Target field on Saturday, June 5th. The rain didn’t stop all of the Parent for Heart walkers. There was lots of fun events inside before the walk took place, including the always popular mascot race. Six people were inducted into the 2010 Hall of Fame, including Parents for Heart very own, six-year old Robbie (Tetralogy of Fallot). The event had about 30,000 walkers and raised about 1.5 million dollars.

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